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Welcome to, Kerstin Måhlberg´s and Maud Sjöblom´s new international meeting space for everybody interested in Solution-focused Education.
Are you looking for efficient tools to develop your school or organisation you have come to the right place. Solution-focused Education is a very proactive way of working and thinking for educational professionals in order to promote and reinforce positive behavior in the classroom. SFE is a pedagogical approach that supplies professionals with an adaptable and powerful toolbox. It shows how to make best use of the power of language, the actual language we use when thinking.
We are certain that Solution-focused language can help every one of us face life’s challenges with more strength and creativity than we ever thought possible. The impact of language on the way we think, feel, and act is of more immediate interest than ever. Our attitudes depend on how we think, talk and reason with ourselves, as well as how we perceive our surroundings. Thinking of problems – you create problems. Thinking of possibilities – you create possibilities. SFE nurture both intellectual and emotional intelligence. SF language becomes our key in working effectively together with pupils, their parents and with our colleagues.
During the last 3 years we have certified about 50 Classroom-coaches in Sweden. They have all implemented the whole programme in their schools with excellent outcomes.


We were running a workshop in May about Classroom-coaching at the SOL-conference in Bucharest 2010. We will not be able to join in Hungary. We will certainly be in Oxford 2012.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------This year 2011, we will join the UKASFP conference in Bath 16-17 June. Download a flyer.
Thanks to Sue Young for a very appreciated and exciting workshop in Stockholm, January 2008. See photos.
The 1st Solution-focused Education
School-conference in Sweden 29 Oct 2007.

Thanks to everybody making this conference such a great success. Please take a look at the photo-gallery from the conference.
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Kerstin Måhlberg, kerstin@lip4u.se +46709746666 or
Maud Sjöblom, maud@lip4u.se


How to buy copies of the SFE-book.
Read more about the contents in SF- Education
Send us an e-mail at: kerstin@lip4u.se
The Swedish very successful version has now been sold in over 22.000 copies.
We will of course participate in 2011 years EBTA conference in Dresden 23-25 september.
Now we can offer an English version of the "Lip-Focus" (Classroom-coaching) DVD.
Classroom coaching is a newly created programme for all schools wanting to raise the quality of learning and improve the positive working environment in the classroom
After introducing "Lip" SFE at our school in Täby during the 90s, we have always been interested in how other schools around the world have introduced the SF approach. When we attended the SFBTA conference in Los Angeles 2003, we heard about an exciting project in Florida. Two years later, when we attended the SFBTA conference in Fort Lauderdale we were invited to visit the school where we also met Lee and Maggie Shilts who started the project together with Insoo Kim Berg. Since many schools in Sweden already make very good use of the SF elements, such as positive feedback, setting goals and scaling, we were inspired to take a further step and started the "Lip-Focus" (Classroom-coaching) project. We decided to make a video to record the effect of the project. The head teacher, the teachers in grade 4, pupils and parents – at Lundskolan in Stockholm, they all agreed they wanted to participate in this project.
This video shows examples from the four main elements that are integral to "Lip-Focus" (Classroom-coaching):.
Lip-searching (SF observation)
Giving Positive Feedback to pupils
Setting goals
Scaling and celebrating
All these elements are conducted by a trained Classrom-coach in cooperation with the teacher. The coach starts with observing everything the pupils say and do well and then, at the end of the lesson, gives positive feedback.After a couple of weeks giving feedback and some informal mention of goals, the work can begin on negotiating and setting class goals. The coach helps set goals for the class in collaboration with the pupils and the teacher. They are written on flip chart paper and displayed prominently in the classroom. After a few weeks, progress toward the goals is evaluated on the scale and the next small steps can be decided together.
There is another very important part in the programme … coaching to teachers and other staff.
There is a handbook that accompanies the DVD which includes all the aspects of classroom-coaching. Unfortenately we haven´t translated the handbook yet.

Send us an e-mail at kerstin@lip4u.se and we will send you the DVD..
Classroom-coaching = Lip-Focus "feedback and coaching to develop the school" We have recorded a Swedish DVD (with English subtitle) showing a classroom-coach in action - working together with the teacher - in a classroom with this innovative program designed to enhance the quality of education. The thinking behind this approach is borrowed from many of the principles based on the Solution-focused Practice. The DVD shows examples from the 4 main elements that are essential to the programme: SF-observations, giving positive feedback to pupils, negotiating and setting class goals, scaling. There is another very important part in the programme - coaching to teachers and other staff.